DIY Wet Palette


I have hobby ADD and have played more games that I can remember. In that time, countless toy soldiers have passed through my hands. Some of them were even painted!

  • Thor

    Nicely put together tutorial.

    I started using a wet pallet maybe 6-months ago and I don’t know why I didn’t start sooner. I did much the same as you did here and it cost virtually nothing to do.

    • Adam

      Thanks, Thor! Like everything, there’s got to be an easier way!! I forgot why I stopped using my last wet palette, because in the last few days it has been a paint saver. The best thing about it? If the paper gets too used or the sponge needs to be replaced it’s DEAD simple!
      I’ve seen the same idea implemented with paper towel instead of sponge, but have found the sponge to retain more water for longer.

  • David Munro

    Dumb question for you Adam – does it matter which side of the baking paper goes up? The stuff in my cupboard has one side more waxy than the other.

    • Adam

      I put mine together waxy side up. It seems to make the paint last longer too.

      • David Munro

        Thanks Adam